VCL Systems allow a company to have a fully integrated system, which will interface with multiple switches, peripherals, communications equipment, as well as, operating and billing systems. VCL Systems consists of our flagship programs:

Alarm Surveillance & Notification System™ (ASN)
SNMP Polling Droid™ (SPD)
Enterprise Communications Server™ (ECS)
ServiceOrder Integration Server™ (SIS)
GUI Services Manager™(GUI)

The VCL (Visual Communications Language) Language, built around telephony communication protocols, allows central office technicians to automate functions that simplify network communications and eliminate redundant tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidation and easy management of all central office equipment
  • Creates value through efficiency
  • Increases available time for strategic projects

Overall Features

  • Flow-through provisioning to the billing system*
  • Switch to billing audits*
  • Non-switch personnel can add features and perform tasks
  • Automates maintenance and routine tasks*
  • Alarm monitoring
  • User customization for every unique network
  • Automates cutoffs*
  • Advanced security
  • * VCL programming required