RLJL Language

The RLJL language is a high–level object-oriented programming language that supports Button Object Programs written for run-time environments designed around our systems. It can automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator. It was designed especially for communications environments that can be automated through Button Objects, such as software applications, web-pages within a web browser, Windows Operation Systems, and any system with Telnet or Serial Interface. It operates at a high level of abstraction, as a control language.

It was designed for automating a wide variety of communication tasks that network technicians do in their day-to-day job activities including things like adding users to system, servers, or peripherals, changing user properties or services, running network status reports, automated testing of network devices, responding to outage events, and making sure the appropriate personal are notified in the event of a system or device failure.

It was also designed with communications in mind and supports protocols such as Serial, TCP/IP, Sockets, UDP, Telnet, SNMP, HTML, SSH, and SSL, just to name a few.

Over the Years, the RLJL language has grown and libraries have been added to support Reading and Writing Files for Excel, Access, and PDF. The SQL Library was added to provide Button Objects the ability to support local or remote SQL functions.

This language is always evolving! Our clients find new ways to use the language and suggest new ideas and functions that we add continually.

The RLJL Language puts YOU in charge of your of your network software.


Here are all of our great systems that use the RLJL Language:

RLJL Enterprise Communications Server™ (ECS)
RLJL ServiceOrder Integration Server™ (SIS)
RLJL Alarm Surveillance & Notification System™ (ASN)
RLJL CommDroid™
GUI Services Manager™(GUI)