dscTech, Inc.’s strength lies in the combination of our knowledge and experience of communications, telephony, software development, and networking. Since our beginning, we have sought to provide the highest quality technical solutions.

dscTech, Inc. was formed in 1993 to create innovative software solutions for telecommunication companies. The RLJL (Reduced Logic Job Linking) Language and the RLJL Suite was developed to satisfy the need of a management system that would communicate with switches and add the functionality needed to keep up with a rapidly changing network.

Over the years, our focus has remained in the telecommunications industry. However, we have branched out to other industries as well developing innovative software that provides tools to manage information, peripherals, and complex communication networks, and offering a variety of communication services, data-networking services, and web services.


These are all of the people who keep dscTech up and running.

Client Service and Accounting:

Kym C. Douglas - President

Kendra Turner - Office Administrator

Engineering and Technical Support:

Larry Douglas - Chief Technology Officer

Russell Skelton - Senior Software and Network Engineer

Zachary C. Douglas - Electronics Technician


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