CommDroid™ is an object-driven system that allows the user to create Button Objects using the VCL Language. It has the ability to communicate with any peripheral that contains a serial telnet or network interface. Connections to these peripherals are done through serial or LAN interface local to the computer. Therefore, CommDroid™ can replace other terminal emulation software programs that are no longer supported.




  • Allow Customer Service Representatives to add or change lines or features without direct access to switch or other peripherals.
  • Secure remote access to central office.
  • Control errors and loss of revenue.
  • Eliminate costly windshield time.


  • Data acquisition and storage with detailed report generation.
  • Centralized location for administering telecommunications peripherals (including remotes), CATV headend, and ISP’s.
  • View information transfer or real time monitoring.
  • Automates redundant tasks such as cutoffs, switch to billing audits, and line availability reports.

Supported Emulations

  • VT-52
  • VT-100
  • VT-220
  • VT-320
  • VT-220 7 bit
  • VT-320 7 bit
  • HTML
  • DMS-ENet

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